Sunday, January 19, 2014

Street Vendors in Douala

Jobs are impossible to find in Cameroon.  There is a 70% unemployment rate.  People sell anything on the streets to buy food for the day.  These are a bunch of random pictures of different ways people try to make a living.

Before Christmas, we saw this man selling beach balls.  I love his glasses and nose.  He is walking down the middle of the very crowded street.
man with beach balls 2

This is a fish shop.  The man wanted us to pay him to take his picture, but we finally got him to hold up a fish so we could take the picture.
Large Fish shop

This lady does hair, sells palm oil, phone airtime credits, bananas and many snacks at the one little booth.
Braiding Hair

This man pulls his flip flop store with him all over town.  He has quite a variety.
Flip flop vendor

This is an outdoor grill where they sell shiskabobs.  We haven’t dare try them, but the look and smell really good.  They are cooked over an open fire.
Chicken on the grill

A popcorn and water vendor
Popcorn Vendor

Large avocados for sale.
Avacodos for sale

Potatoes and other vegetables for sale.
Market - Copy

More Shiskabobs for sale over an open fire.
Grilled Chicken

Shoes for sale on the side of the road.
Shoes for sale

Home Depot on a cart.
Plumbing cart (2)

Fresh fish straight out of the Wouri River.
Fish market (2)
Fish market (3)

Our peanut ladies.  They didn’t want us to take the picture, so we told them no more sales unless we could.  They were then eager.  We drive up and roll down our window and 5 of them will be shoving bottles in our faces.  We pay $4 for a bottle of roasted peanuts.
Peanut Ladies

Auto Zone
Auto Parts store

Fresh pineapple is available all year round.  We eat it until we get sick of it and then wait a few weeks and start eating it again.
Pineapple Stand

This is taken from our truck as we drive through the central market where the locals do all of their shopping.  We pay a lot more in places where you can move.  This road is two way traffic.
Market Road

This lady sells many different kinds of beans.
Lady Selling Beans

This is a little souvenier market by our apartment.
Mini Market

Backpacks and school supplies

Wicker furniture is made from bamboo poles that are stripped into strips.  They along with most other furniture is sold sitting in the dirt on the sides of the road.
Furniture Market


  1. Our son, Elder Brockbank, just arrived in your area. Thanks for letting us get a glance of what life is like where he is serving.

  2. I hear you are home now. Did the Whitesides come home with you?